Satu; Turning A New Leaf

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Hi Kou handsomenya awak (>///<)
Assalamualaikum, konbanwa minna~!

My very first post in a year after abandoning this poor blog hahaha. Berhabuk bersawang berhantu segala blog aku ni. Entah lah. Macam minat mau berblog tu sebenarnya ada masih, cuma. . . malas jak. Mesti kamu cakap, "eh, apa bah budak ni merepek ?" well enjoy your kerepek la sebab aku memang mau merepek panjang lebar ni lepas ni. (like I even give a single damn about it) Tbh, banyak benda aku mau cakap ni selepas setahun ndak buka blog (or even posting a single damn thing in this site). Biasa lah, orang bakau la katakan. I don't have a time to online since I was trapped there //sarcastic laughter// yeah whatever. Let's proceed.

So, so, so. . . the old blog has changed, so does me. I've changed too. Like, a lot. I changed a lot if you realize. Starting from last year, before SPM. I don't know why but it's like I knew I'm going to change that time. Haha. Okay I'll come clean. I STOP LIKING KPOP. Yes, peeps. I didn't say I hate kpop, but I stop liking them. You must be thinking, " what the hell is going on inside my mind? " but actually it's the truth. I'm not really fond to kpop anymore. If you realized, I'm starting to like anime and manga. HAHA. Yeah, my interest has changed from KPOP > ANIME / MANGA LOL. 

Despite that, my phone is still full of Kpop song, somehow. hahahaha. I said I stop liking it meaning that; I grew disinterest with everything about kpop -- including comebacks, new songs, new groups, new MVs. K-Drama was an exception, I think? I still like K-Dramas but I rarely tuned in channel 392 / 393 nowadays XD

I don't actually remember how and when I start to grew disinterest with KPOP and grew interest with Anime. All I remember was, it was nearly SPM date that time, and my sister introduce me to this one anime; Diabolik Lovers (Diabolik Lovers is my first anime tbh) and I started liking it because that's my first time watching an anime that gives a big changes to me. I start liking every one of them; I downloaded their songs; watch the game translation; read the mangas -- everything! Until I was drowned in the sea of anime and manga. Hahaha. If you ask me about my fanfiction, I think I just abandoned it for three months already. LOL. 

To shorten the story, I kept watching animes and reading mangas until I completely ignoring all kpop stuff. Besides, I was sitting on SPM, so I don't have any time to fangirling last year. Like, seriously. I was chained in that hostel for three months until SPM were over. My parents didn't allow me to go home, so I obeyed hahaha. But the three months dungeon was worth everything actually. hahaha. It's not a waste tho.

There, we stop talking about "how I stop liking kpop and started liking Japanese stuff". Hm, what should I talk about? My SPM? EHHHHHHHH? SHOULD I TALK ABOUT THAT? Heh, okay lah. Starting with my result;

3A 3B 1C 1D 1E

See? It's nothing to be proud of, but syukurlah. I passed with flying colors! ^^ Alhamdulillah. Even it's not 9A but I'm still grateful with my result. (I even cried infront of everyone okay so embarrassing!) Oh, and my Sejarah and English is A ^^ two of my favorite subjects! <3

I was thinking to pursue STAM before, but after SPM result was out, I need to re-think my decision again. hahaha. I want to quit STAM and pursue my study in university, but, UGH. YOU KNOW IT'S HARD TO CHOOSE DAMN IT! Aku sayang STAM weh, tapi aku memang tak mahu stay lagi di sekolah tu (put yourself in my shoes, you'll know how it feels like) if there's any tawaran datang, I think I'll quit STAM. AS IF I'M READY TO BE A COLLAGE STUDENT! //puff cheek// yeah yeah tbh I'm not ready to leave school and become a collage student //AHHHHHH SAIA TA SEDIAAAA\\ geez shut up.

ugh. deciding is hard, wasn't it? (-__-) Ah, let's stop there. I think this getting more nonsense than before. hahaha. I thought it's going to be a short post, but it turned out longer than I expected haha. Gomenasaii~ //clap hands together// 

Well, that's all I wanted to say. Maybe I won't be around for a while. I'm lazy when it comes to typing tbh. HAHAHAHAHA. JUST KIDDING. I LOVE TYPING. 

untill then <3

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