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Sunday, May 17, 2015

When I thought back, I don't know if I can really forget the first boy who had come into my life. Ehem, well I'm not going to say about that actually. It just crossed my mind unintentionally. Since I'm going to university, can I really find the 'another same him' there ? Hm, it's just a mere simple crush on someone. Nothing special, but. . .first love is hard to forget. To be honest, I don't really get this love thingy until I met him. The saddest thing that ever happen is. . . I never get a chance to confess to him until my last day of school ha ha ha ha. Well, I never thought of confessing either so it's a win-win situation lol. I'm not a shoujo manga protagonist whatsoever. It's not going to be 'senpai notice me' thingy too =. .= we're going separates way anyway; I'm going to university and he's going to pursue STAM. Well, I wish for a good result for him (but he's better in religious subject so so I don't really that worried HAHAHA) that's go for it, I already tried to forget him and I'm still trying until these days. One thing, I'm still suspicious if he noticed that I like him lol. Because he's being obvious and such. Ah, I don't know. It's the past, I'm going to move forward.

That's enough of my unrequited love story /laughing while crying emoji/ now let's move forward. There's only a few weeks more left before I'm leaving to Terengganu. Wooo, I'm excited but anxious at the same time. Who wouldn't be kan? I'm leaving my family so far away for the first time. . .and all alone in another state T T so far as I go was only the hostel. . .ahhh I can't believe it either!! I'm going to be a university student!! To be really, really honest I'm terrible at making friends for the first time. I don't really remember how in the world I can make friends in high school hahahah. I hope I meet lots of nice people in university and I can be friends with them. It's a special benefit tho, they can help me to fit in other state's culture! Since I'm from Sabah, I don't really know what Peninsular people culture. I hope I can fit in in a short time! :D

I can be weird sometimes, but it's just with my family and closest friends like CFC <3 GOD I MISS THOSE GUYS T O T I wish I can spend more time with them this year but this is what life is about, right? I hope they all do well in the upcoming mid-term next week. I know they can because they all are so good in memorizing subjects hahahahahha from eleven people to seven people left, we shared a lot of memories together in school and hostel. I love every single of them; Ayie, Umie, Chie, Dhirah, Ira, Yana, Zaa, Pinat, Farah, Syek <3 Seven out of eleven are going to pursue their study in STAM. The remaining four? It's me, Ayie, Yana and Ira. We're going to our own path to archive our own dreams :')))) Yana and I are going to university, Ira is in Maahad, while, she's babysitting her siblings at home XD

[I'm using baba's laptop and it don't have any CFC pictures ugh damn I was about to upload one OTL]

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