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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hai hai hai lama sudah kan aku tak meroyan di dalam blog ni? Maklumlah, semenjak jadi university student ni memang tak lepas dari schedule yang sibuk memanjang uhuk uhuk. Dan didalam kesibukan tu juga lah ada penghibur disaat aku memerlukan cewahhhh ayat baq hangggg hahaha eh sejak bila orang Sabah pandai cakap Kedah ni? Hok ni pengaruh dari housemate la ni hahaha. Put that aside and I'm going introduce you to my beloved group of Japanese Ikemen and my own harem (that I imagined it myself) KIS-MY-FT2!! (or just call them Kisumai)

Everybody Go! Kisumai Go!

To be really honest, I'm not really a fan of Japanese boy bands myself but these bunch of unicorns guys made me crossed into the colorful world of unicorns the new generation of JPOP. What made me disliked Jpop before because of their hair. I'm telling the truth here. I really hate their hairstyles back then like WTF WITH THOSE HAIR STICKING UP IN THE MID AIR? hahaha something like that I think? But Kisumai was different. Really. It was my first time getting so attached to a group that I barely know their existence and liking them when I only saw them just once! Can you believe it? Perhaps there's some other people out there experienced the same thing as me, I have no doubt about it.

Okay, so how do I discover Kis-My-Ft2? Here it goes. It was just some chilly Sunday afternoon and I turned on the television. Because I was bored that time, I keep pressing the remote control and ended up on a channel called NHK. It's a Japanese channel and the show that was airing that time was...I don't remember the name but it somewhat like a music-game show and these guys were featured on it. They were playing games and such and the show was really funny and I enjoyed it because they have handsome ikemens OuO. Then, at the end of the show these guys performed their song as the closing AND I WAS LIKE OH MY GOD THIS IS MY JAM.

But it was hell for me. Why?

Because at that time, I don't know what is the name of the boy band I just saw on tv and another hell is I don't have a fucking clue of the song they just performed. I searched all the boy bands of Japan and hoping for a tiny bit clue and WAZZAA! It just like fate, I found them! And I searched them on Youtube where I finally know the song's name -- アーイノBEAT (pronounce as Ai no Beat) and I was like OH MY GOD THIS IS THE SONG I CAN'T BELIEVE IT I FOUND THEM OMG!! And there how it started.

It bought me several days to know the members and I googled every one of them until I met him; Fujigaya Taisuke. I don't know how and why I like him. Maybe because he got that baby face of him perhaps. Or maybe because he made me doki doki at the first sight? maybe because of his tanned skin and plum lip? Or maybe it was just JODOH between us hahahahahhahah #blush #blush oh my God I'm really blushing right now asdfghjjkl!!

//let me hug you//
That's how I met Taisuke-kun and I crossed against the other members. My second favorite in the group is Yamamori Yuta and the third place goes to Kitayama Hiromitsu. These three are the main center of the group but I only realized that when I saw their photo shoots. The other four are like shadows and to be honest I don't really know the other four members name //sweats nervously// Well, I'm just another new fan of them it maybe took me for a while to remember (since Japanese name is SO HARD to remember) and I can tell them who is who next time.

//let me kidnap you ughh ! This is Hiro-kun btw. he's the shortest in the group but his voice made me go like waaaaahahahaha//

//this guy is Yuta-kun and they said he looks a bit like Jaejoong. But he's not the type of guy I like. Taisuke-kun is still on top of my heart <3//

I'll try my best to remember the name and faces of the other four members. I feel bad for only recognizing Taisuke, Hiro and Yuta only. I realized that the other four had so little camera time in their PVs. And so little of lines. Really! These three are the one who always sung and got more screen time. It's really unfair but that's how the industry worked. Same goes to the KPOP idols too. I've experienced it much when I was a kpopper. And the circle is the same in JPOP; the popular ones got more screen time and lines.

And that is just my opinions as a fan. I don't how the other fans would describe their situation was, but everyone has their own different point of views. No hate okay? :)

But above all, I really love all the seven members of Kis-My-Ft2. Oh, you wanna know what's behind their group name? here it is:

Kitayama Hiromitsu Senga Kento Miyata Toshiya Yokdo Wataru Fujigaya Taisuke Tamamori Yuta Nikaido Takashi
They were based on the members first names. The reason why there's number 2 at the back because of Nikaido's first letters were NI meaning TWO in Japanese. So that's how the formed up "Kis-My-Ft2"

till next time! here's my treats for you guys!

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