Anime Review: Charlotte

Thursday, January 21, 2016

It is the time for anime review! Phew, it took me some times to watch an anime these days since I haven't watch ONE after I come back to Sabah because I was busy preparing for my sister's wedding. So, here! I bought some time to watch this anime called Charlotte with 13 episodes and it only took me ONE DAY to finish it!

Title: Charlotte, シャーロット [pronounce: sharotto]
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Supernatural
Category: Shonen, Original anime
Mangaka: Jun Maeda, Na Ga
Chapters: - 
Episodes: 13 Episodes

So let's get through into the story of the anime. It was originally created by Jun Maeda, who was the same person responsible for creating Angel Beats! anime. The characters were designed by Na Ga and Jun Maeda wrote the screenplay and all the soundtracks. Sounds amazing, ne? Well, that's Jun Maeda for you. Every creation he made was magic! When I knew this anime was made by the same production of Angel Beats!, my first thought was "I need ten boxes of tissue for this." I prepare myself like, a lot. I even curled up in ball for watching this anime.

From left to right: Otosaka Yuu,Takajo Jojiro, Tomori Nao, Nishimori Yusa

The anime revolved around Otosaka Yuu, a regular high school boy outside, but actually a boy who possessed a superhuman power from the long-tailed comet Charlotte. It was spread 12 years ago and children who inhaled the particles from the comet will have that kind of super human power. For Otosaka, he thought he's the only one who has those power when he actually abused it by using it to cheat on exams. He eventually made it to the top of the class and goes to a prestigious high school by pretending to be an honor student. Aside from his good looking face, he also fooled lots of people with abusing his "taking over someone body for 5 seconds" power. Eventually, he was caught by Tomori Nao, the student council's president of Hoshinomi Gakuen, a school specially build for children who possessed the superhuman ability. Otosaka and his little sister, Ayumi, transferred to the school and helping the student council with their research on superhuman children.

Hm, my opinion of the was quite good and has the Angel Beats! vibes on it. I would be lying if I said I didn't cried. Yes, I cried. Like, a lot... it's probably because when Yuu lost his little sister and gone all insane. (But she revived again when Yuu time-traveled using his brother's power) And his encounter with his long lost brother, Shunsuke. He's really handsome tho but he is blind, sadly. Still hot tho hahahaha. Oh please, I can't take my eyes off from a good looking anime character //blush// The most saddest part probably when Shunsuke lost his life-time best friend Kumagami. He was like " I don't know what to with my life without Pooh" all the time after Kumagami died. Oh, Pooh is Kumagami's nickname. About Nao's older brother and how their mother sold them to scientist for tyrant experiment UGH I CANNOT! THE MOTHER IS SO STUPID AND I'M SORRY FOR SAYING THAT. HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO YOUR OWN CHILDREN? There's actually a lot of sad parts in the anime but let's just highlight those parts I mention.

There's no romance in the anime but I kinda ship Yuu and Nao couple. They always didn't get along with each other but at the nearly end of the anime, Yuu confessed his love to Nao. Well, that is the only romance, I think. They kinda cute though.

Well, obviously.

About the superhuman powers, as I mention earlier Yuu has the power of taking over someone body for 5 seconds. But the truth is, his original power is taking over someone else powers after he took over their body. He learned he had those power after Shunsuke told him on their first meeting and after getting a dream where he save Shunsuke from mad experiment. Oh, did I mention he doesn't remember he had an older brother? Shunsuke purposely erased all his siblings memories of him so that he will never be a burden to them (probably because he is a blind guy that's why) Okay back to Yuu, it was told that his power is the most powerful because he got to steal anyone else powers. He used this power to take over all the superhuman powers from all over the world to protect them from exploited. He actually get amnesiac at the end of the anime from the thousands of powers inside of him as his brain and body couldn't hold it anymore.

At the end of the anime, everyone become normal human being and live happily ever after. That's that. Nothing more to come. I really hope they make second season but it's impossible tho. I want more anime like this to be made in the future. 

I wonder, if superhuman does exist? Who knows.

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