Dua Puluh; Five Seconds of Semester Break

Thursday, January 07, 2016


Just look at them. Look at Michael being a cutie pie and biting his lip like that. Luke standing there like a penguin. Ashton teethy smile. Calum being hot and roll. Oh My God. My heart. My heart is not okay. 

Okay... I should stop.

Heyyyyyy everybody! I'm back after a while. Let me just be honest, being a university student is sucks :P I'm stuck with assignments, tests, quizzes, and...finals. So as a gateway, I found myself listening to a band called 5 Seconds of Summer a.k.a 5SOS and I don't even remember how the hell did I ever joined the 5SOS FAM fandom at the first place? 

I am not going to write 'HOW I BECOME A 5SOS FAM' entry here so I'm going to skip that part. 

Ignore it. 

I just came back from Terengganu after hectic final weeks that got me like 'let me die this instance'. Now I really got it why people said university is more difficult than high school. Why? Because in university you have carry marks and high school doesn't. You solely relied on the teachers marking for your first term and second term examination; while university, you solely relied on you test marks, quizzes marks, groups and individual assignments marks, presentation and etc. and you had to make it higher for you to survive the final. 

If your carry marks were low, don't ever thought about getting an 'A' for your final.

Unless, you're a genius.

Then you're safe.

It had been...four days since I come home.

The moment when I saw the lights of Kota Kinabalu up from the plane, I was like...the feelings of melancholy was overwhelming me. It has been four months since I last set my foot on Sabah. I really, really miss my hometown. I never being so happy than seeing the face of my family at the airport gate waiting for me with an open arms. I have never shed a tear when the plane landed on the track of Kota Kinabalu International Airport. I have never. Never even once I'm feeling like I'm finally revived again. 

I have yet, three weeks to spend my time with my family before I fly back to Terengganu. For my dream to be in a legal profession, I must be tough and strong for my own sake.

For a better nation and just in judgement.

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