Dua Puluh Satu: Road to Second Year

Monday, January 18, 2016

Two weeks has passed for my semester break. I should have gone back to Terengganu this week, but my older sister is getting married next week and I had no choice but to extend my holidays. I'm actually afraid to do so, but I wasn't given any choice. My father told me to write letters to every lecturers of my next semester. Yeah it was really bothersome to write an apologies and excuses but that's the only option I have. I hope the lecturers can understand my situation, especially right now I didn't book my flight tickets yet. 

The exam result is around the corner; and it should be revealed today. I don't know why it didn't come out yet. It should have been today but there's nothing on the student portal site. Hm, it's puzzling me but oh well, I'm not really looking forward for this semester's final exam result. I thought I have done really bad this semester and I just wanted to escape from the guilt. I didn't study well for the final and my carry marks...ugh, I don't want to recall it. Whatever my result is, I should accept it with redha and sabr, because everything has been written by HIM. It is just me who always playing around and not serious (and they said you're not a law student if stress and pressure weren't in you all the time). Right now, I should have think about my future seriously after this because I wanted to pursue my study in either Japan or Australia. Or maybe in London. Of course in Law School, what else? 

Next semester would be awesome because I will be studying about criminal things. I don't know why it perks me up whenever I saw second semester's subjects mostly about criminal. Wish me luck for surviving another one hell of a semester in law school!

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