Dua Puluh Tiga: Off Limit

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Ever since the Mid-sem break is over, the assignments and everything just come in once and I had a great slap on my face. It's almost a month now and the entire weeks are so exhausting. I can't even barely breathing properly from the jumble of assignments and tasks that was given to us in a whole bunch at once! Really, madams? I don't understand why lecturers have to be so inconsiderate when it comes to assignment and the due dates. It's like, "Yeah you all gotta do this whole shits and submit to me by tomorrow." and I was like what the hell? Okay, I know it's for the final exam grading and also the carry marks, but please, let us take a breather sometimes. Yaaa I know people will said, "You're a university student of course you'll be like this and that" bla bla bla. I'm sorry but I already on my limit due from the stressed of the assignments coming in and out. Everything will be over once the final exam comes, but another pressure will replace: the struggle to pass. 


If I included all the pressure and stressed I've gone through the whole month, I think it is too much on the list; I fought with one of my friend about a small matter, but we actually rejoice not longer after that. Maybe I should tell about those people who passed their hands off from their part on doing assignments. I was like, if you want a free carry marks by doing NOTHING then you can get out from my group. We don't need a lazy ass person like you. Assignment grouping has never been a problem to me but this semester is really different from the last two semesters. Everyone have took off their masks and  showing their real identity. I don't understand why they did that when they know you cannot survive law school without struggling to the fullest.

I actually can't wait until this semester end. Oh the perks of coming back home after four months! Well, not actually free because I have practicum going on in June until July, but heyyyy at least I'm home! I don't have to think about what should I eat for today or had no worries of coming late to classes. 

I just can't wait ya Allah... I want to go home so bad!

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