Dua Puluh Enam: Three Months Holiday

Thursday, June 02, 2016


Yes I am not kidding I'm in a three months holiday /throws confetti everywhere/ haha it is not actually a holiday since I have a month of practicum in court starting next week but who cares?! I still consider it as holiday because I am away from UniSZA and attending classess and furthermore, NO FINAL EXAM! The holiday is a bless since I can spend Ramadhan with my family and I can meet up with my friends anytime for three months. Three months in Sabah, blessed.

Last three days, on Monday, I went out with my best friend Pijo to Imago Mall. It had been a long time since we see each other after going on a different path of our studies. Contacting each other via Whataspp and Wechat doesn't satisfied us all so we planned to meet up before I head up for my practicum. So we decided to meet on Monday, which is during Kaamatan holiday, and she said she wanted to do some research at UTC library. I was like okay since I don't have anything to do. Unfortunately, since it's a public holiday for Sabah, the UTC was closed. I was like, now where I am going to? So a while after, we decided to meet at Wisma Muis, which is next to UTC. My father dropped me there and waited for her.

Our meeting just like a dream she said hahaha. I think It has been...eight months? Wow, it's almost a year. Another unexpected meeting occur when we met one of our friend again. She was Farhana, and she was attending a wedding in Dewan Saadah. I was like, oh my God it's like a miracle for us to meet here! She brought us to the wedding too (and I was super embarrassed because of my attire. I was wearing jeans!) and we had our breakfast there haha. We talked about everything we can thought of, and we shared thoughts on about how our other friends has changed alot- including having their own boyfriends and some are getting married, probably. And we talked about our studies and Farhana is going to Egypt after Hari Raya. I think we spent almost 3 hours talking and talking before we bid our goodbye. We thought about bringing Farhana along but her parents won't let her go. It's a bit sad but I hope we can meet again before her departure to Egypt.

After that, Pijo and I went to Imago and our first destination was Popular bookstore. It's my first time been to Imago Mall after coming back to Sabah. It's not really that huge but I think it's okay, at least I don't get lost while walking. We arrived at Popular and I began my searching for books since I had to 'habiskan' the RM200 worth book voucher and I bought six books. But it doesn't satisfy me however. The bookstore still lacking the books I wanted to buy ugh. Oh well, at least the voucher dah habis guna hahaha. And right after I finished my book shopping we went for food searching. There's a Korean Food Fest on the food court and I was about to buy the Sanmyang Ramen everyone was talking about but meh, I don't like spicy food so I guess I pass. There's kimchi, black bean paste, red pepper paste, brown rice, etc. there's a lot. I thought about buying something but I don't have the budget hahaha oh and I bought Sticky candy for my sister (since dia nak ikut tapi aku tak bawa kesian pula so aku belikan je la). We went to Nunpat for dessert after having our lunch. What is a Nunpat? It's a Korean Cafe and it served bingsuuuuuuuuuu I have been craving to eat bingsu since in Terengganu but THEY DON'T HAVE KOREAN RESTAURANT THERE (except for Seoul Garden that barely just open and I didn't know about it) okay back to Nunpat. I dragged Pijo there so I can eat the bingsu ngehehehe. We ordered Green Tea bingsu because Pijo can't eat Choco bingsu (and I almost forgot about the fact she hates chocolate). I finally got to eat bingsu after months of craving /tears of joy/

sooo that's how I spent the day with my friend Pijo and right after that I go back home with a happy face haha. Of course la kan~ 4 bulan kot tak balik Sabah. But my parents was so worried especially my father and he keep calling me every 2 hours. Hahaha nampak tak risaunya tu? Aku ni jarang keluar dengan kawan-kawan tu lah diorang risau. Don't worry, I did come home in one piece :)

from left to right; pijo, farhana and me (excuse the weird face haha)
The Green Tea bingsu 
The new books I bought. Like I said I still unsatisfied um

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