Dua Puluh Tujuh; Reput?

Monday, July 18, 2016


Basically, it was a perks staying at home in semester breaks because I only have three weeks at home to spend it with my family and doesn't want to go back to UniSZA. But I think everything is the opposite this time; I want to go back to UniSZA. I know I should not wish it like that because time will fly faster than I thought but I'm getting so bored at home already. I still have a month left and I thought of finding some jobs to earn extra money but my mother won't allow me to do so. I have finished my industrial training already and I really doesn't know what to do anymore. All I did at home was watching anime, surfing the net, anime again, played Otoge, watching tv, eat, sleep and the recycle continues except if there will be another event that day.

I wish my mother allow me to find jobs. I already imagine everything I could buy using the pay money I earned. Ugh, I guess I'm just going to "reput" at home until September. 

Going to make this quick, good luck for MUET July candidates! I hope it will be going well for all of you, especially my friends at UniSZA and my fellow law school classmates (o^^)o 

All the best! Prove it that you'll beat the rest!

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