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Tuesday, August 02, 2016


Dah nak dekat-dekat balik UniSZA ni, rasa sebak pula nak tinggalkan Sabah huhu. I actually have less than a month to spent the tiny bits of my holiday. We'll proceed to the title, I recently had a thought and interest of pursuing my study abroad after I came across Kak Rasya's blog and I was like oh MY GOD SHE'S STUDYING IN JAPAN ASDFGHJKL well yeah Japan is my #2 favorite country and of course I am impressed! When I was still a school student, I had a dream to pursue my study at the top universities like Oxford, Harvard, etc. and yeah study gila-gila la kan and at last result SPM tak gempak sangat uhuk. Takpe lah IPTA Malaysia terima aku juga kan? haha okay what am I saying. So I have been searching for tips and how to apply for overseas universities. It has a lots of process to do but I think it's easier than I thought? And there's this exam called TOEFL/IELTS we should take that is required for most universities admission. It's probably an 'all-kill' exam, since most top-rankings university required scores are 6-7 (let's cry together, yes.) Worse than MUET. But surely, nothing is impossible if we make it possible with the power of du'a. Put your trust on Allah in everything you do, kun fa ya kun.

For the time being, I need to focus on my study in my current university and get the CGPA raise for the two last semesters. Yes, two more semesters and I'll be a diploma graduate. Get your lazy ass up and go studying! Below are the list of the universities I was focusing on to pursue my LLB after graduating diploma Law school of UniSZA (ceh!) Oxford and Harvard are out of the list because... reasons...

Fahtin's Overseas University Bucket List

  • University of Edinburgh (rank 21)
  • University of Tokyo (rank 22)
  • University of Nottingham (rank 41)
  • University of Melbourne (rank 42)
  • University of Sydney (rank 45)
  • University of Queensland (rank 46)
  • Staffordshire University (rank 90)
Mostly of the universities I'm going to apply after graduating from diploma law school. If I didn't get any of the acceptance letter from these universities, then the answer is... sambung LLB kat UniSZA jugak ler.

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3 Comment(s)

  1. We never know what the future holds for us. Maybe you'll have a chance doing your Master or Phd here, right?
    Kalau dah habis degree there are actually ways to study in Japan for Master and get a scholarship from either the university itself or Japan's government.


    1. I have a thought of nak sambung Master kat Japan after I finish my LLB law degree in Malaysia inshaa Allah kalau ada rezeki. Sebab mak tak bagi nak sambung study kat overseas utk degree (;^^) Malaysian student boleh dapat scholarship dari Japan government ke kak? Sounds interesting

    2. boleh. for details you can go to monkasho website here. http://www.studyjapan.go.jp/en/toj/toj0302e.html