Dua Puluh Sembilan; A Visit to the Dentist and My Cat's FIP Virus

Saturday, August 06, 2016


I suppose to post this three days ago but since the internet was being a little shit, and yesterday my cat Shiro died from Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) after two(?) days he fought with it. He is such a brave cat and losing him made me lost my mind but I manage to calm myself down and move on with his death. I have another cat name Kuro and she was suspected for having FIP too. She has been a down since Shiro's death yesterday, she didn't eat and she keep sleeping on days and night. My sister's previous cats died from the FIP too and the virus is still lingering around after their death. Hence, my cats were affected from the virus and it only acting up now. The FIP didn't affect humans nor dogs nor any other animals but cats. I don't know about all the stray cats at my backyard, I do think they got the same virus. It so sad to see Shiro's last moment yesterday.Now, Kuro is going to leave me like Shiro does. It breaks my heart when I recalled our 10 months together. The cats are like my own family and... I had to let them go. It's for the best, Allah knows.

I will talk about the FIP virus later in another post. Talking about the virus made me cringe and sad because there is still no permanent vaccine for the virus.

On last Wednesday, I made a visit to the dentist for the first time in my 19 years old life to get my wisdom tooth out. Nervous? Hell yeah. It was my first time going to a dental clinic, what do you expect? I never thought I would go there to get one of my teeth pull out. I got cavity on my wisdom tooth during my SPM days and I keep postponing to go to the dentist because I was afraid I will get my tooth pulled out haha. I keep getting toothache during those days and I sometimes make medical excuse to go home because my teeth was hurt and I said had an appointment (which is... I did not. haha! But the hurt part was true.) It has been two years and the wisdom tooth is getting rotten and it almost swallowed by my gums and IT WAS FUCKING HURT every time I eat.

Soooo that's how I got myself into this mess called a visit to the dentist. That morning of my appointment, my mom didn't buy the 'pretending to sleep' tactic I used when she yell at me to get my ass out from the bed because we're going to get my tooth out. Haha too bad. When we arrived, I really want to run downstairs again but no it's too late so I sit down like a good child waiting for my turn. 

When it's my turn, and I saw the doctor... and sigh in relief when I saw the dentist is a Chinese woman. The injection was like meh, I'm not afraid of needles so what? It's not that hurt. HAHA. And then... the real thing came. She asked me to open my mouth wide, like really wide my jaws starting to get hurt and she started to pull out my wisdom tooth. I feel like I was dead when she was pulling it out like oH GOD PLS DON'T MAKE THIS TIME IS MY LAST TIME and after 10(?) minutes, I finally released from the agony. I asked the dentist, "Sudah ka?" and she was like "Ya. Ada sudah ni gigi kau. Tinggal tulang ja tu." and I was like "Iya? Thank youuuuu" you can imagine how happy I am that I'm thankful that I'm still alive after got my wisdom tooth out.

So that's how the story goes. I have taken pictures of the clinic but it still in my phone and I'm too lazy to transfer it to my laptop. I swear to myself that I will NEVER visit the dentist again. It cause trauma to me and I don't want to go there again.

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