REVIEW: Favorite Sageuk (Historical) Korean Drama

Monday, August 29, 2016

Assalamualaikum. Aku ni tak la minat Korea sangat (ye lah tu) tapi tipu lah kan kalau aku tak tengok Korean drama? Haaa saja buat post ni bilingual sikit sebab malas nak tulis dalam English je memanjang (dah takyah nak meluat bagai kang keluar Sabahan aku korang juga yang tak faham nanti) okay, let's continue on my list of my favorite Korean drama. Cerita pasal favorite ni kan, aku memilih sikit kalau bab cerita Korea. Tell me I'm weird or what but my all time favorite drama is historical. Yup. I'm into Asian history like Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Drama melayu yang cerita P.Ramlee je kot. Zaman sekarang ada ke cerita historical Malay? Okay abaikan. Sebab aku minat Asian historical drama sebab of course for the history even though not all the facts are true sometimes. Most of the history in sageuk drama are factions (fact + fictions) and sometimes it fusion (literally fiction drama not related to historical figures) And second, the clothes are sooo pretty! /heart eyes/ I really want to try the clothes especially hanbok <3


Sungkyunkwan Scandal 
Category: Historical, Comedy, Romance
(Rate: ☆)

Okay this is my all-time favorite sageuk drama and also my first historical drama that I watch. It has less political affairs plot and it has lots of comedy vibes although sometimes there's a tear jerking moment too. I would really recommend this to anyone who wanted a sageuk drama start because it's not really heavy on the political thing and more romance and handsome scholars. /wink/ But, was gender-bender thingy is like a thing in Joseon dynasty? Because most of the sageuk drama I watched has the female character dressed up as a boy (and DAMN IT WAS SO INTENSE WHEN SHE WAS CAUGHT BY THE GUY LIKE HOE DON'T DO IT YOU'RE WATCHING A GIRL CHANGING INTO MAN CLOTHES AND THEY EVEN SHARED A ROOM TOGETHER ASDFGHJKL FEELSSS) I actually ship the  girl (Yun Hee) with ninja boy Moon Jae Shin (because he's so hot I even have a crush on him) who was the first person to discover she was not a man but poor him Yun Hee for fall for the arrogant Minister son Lee Seon Joon :( who found out she was a girl later (he thought he was gay for having affection towards his roommate hahahaha)  Anyway, if you a fan of Park Yoochun, Park Min Young, Yoo Ah In and Song Joong Ki then this drama is for you. 

The Princess's Man 
Category: Historical, Romance
(Rate:      )

I don't even know how this drama can be #2 in my saguek favorite but when you watch the drama, I think you will know why I put it on second place. The Princess's Man is more like the Korean version of Romeo and Juliet, which is, yeah, very romantic and very sad as the story goes on. The story did have a happy ending I guess, but it's really sad. What I don't like about the drama is how there are too many political affairs between the two lovers father who were sworn enemies despite their daughter and son are intimate lover. And so that's how this story ends up being the saddest drama in the century. But the romance tho, so intense I really like it how Lee Se Ryung (Moon Chae Young) and Kim Seung Yoo (Lee Si Hoo) never end love brought them to a happy ending even thought Seung Yoo was almost killed by Se Ryung's father. I don't really recall how the story goes because I have watched it for some time long ago haha anyway, if you love to watch a Romeo and Juliet Asian version, this drama should be on your list.

Scholar Who Walks The Night
Category: Historical, Romance, Fantasy
(Rate:     ) 

This drama is so cute I CANNOT UGH okay I will literally fangirling on this drama because of the hot vampire scholar Kim Sung Yeol (Lee Jun Ki) and the pretty Jo Yang Sun (Lee Yoo Bi) who dressed up as a man. I have a thing on vampire alright so this drama has really hooked me up since the first episode. Another gender-bender in Joseon dynasty and I think it is a common thing in that time a woman cross dressing as man for them to work for their family. Because of her sickly father and disabled sister, Yang Sun has to work as a bookseller and she meet the night scholar Sung Yeol, a vampire who lived for 120 years who was searching for the late Crown Prince Junghyun memorandum. As always, the political affair will not be missed in every sageuk drama but nah, I skip those parts a lot. It annoys me to be honest. Honestly, I fall for Lee Jun Ki for the first time in my life and now he is my second favorite actor after Song Joong Ki. My heart goes dugeun-duguen when I see his eyes OH MY GOD NO. I'm weak against vampire and small-eyes guys KEN YOU NOT ASDFGHJKL If you like vampire love story + sageuk drama then you won't miss this drama!

Jang Ok Jung
Category: Historical, Romance
(Rate:   ☆)

This drama has too much political affairs between the concubine and the queen and it made me dizzy as fuck with all the history bundled up inside the drama. Honestly, I only watch the drama for the intense romance between the King and concubine and also Yoo Ah In. This drama is an example of a faction sageuk where there are both fact and fiction inside. For sageuk first-timers, I really not recommend this kind of drama to start with. But sure why not? You can always have a free choice. But all the hanboks though. IT IS ALL SO PRETTY IT MADE ME WANT TO FLY TO KOREA THAT INSTANT ;A;

I still have lots of sageuk drama in my waiting list that I'm going to watch sometimes later. Lots of sageuk drama has an interesting plot recently and I'm looking forward to watch it like Scarlet Heart Ryeo, Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, The Witch's Mirror, etc. I have more historical drama that I watch that is not on the favorite list. Well, not all of sageuk dramas are my cup of bubble tea to be honest haha.

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3 Comment(s)

  1. Semua drama siqah tak tengok. Hehe. Sekarang kalau drama camni siqah tengah follow Scarlet Heart. Awak tengok jugak tak? Best 😍

    1. Scarlet Heart saya tak tengok lagi. Tunggu drama tu dah abes baru nak tengok (sbb I'm a binge watcher and I cannot stand to wait every week for an episode haha). Siqah patut tengok drama2 kat atas sebab historical romance ni dia ada charm dia yang different sikit hahaha (;^^)

    2. Haha. Rupanya awak jenis tak boleh tunggu episod ek.. hihi. Sengsara nanye nak tunggu tiap minggu tau. tambah lagi bila dah nak habis tu :D masukkan drama ni dalam list to watch..panjang dah rasa list to watch. tak tahu nak tengok yang mana dulu nie. tengok banyak2 kang, takut confuse jalan cerita pulak. haru gitu :D