5 Countries That I Wanted to Visit

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

I have never been to any country outside from Malaysia in my life. The last short vacation I had with my family was at Sandakan, Sabah in 2008. That's a very, very long time ago in which  when I was 11 years old that time. My first time stepping on Peninsula Malaysia was in 2013. I was 16 years old that time but I didn't included it as a vacation because I only been there to accompany my sister and barely going anywhere to sightseeing. And I'm not lying when I said my first time visiting Kuala Lumpur was last year with my roommate when I stayed at her house. I honestly not an outdoor person but sometimes I just wanted to break free from my comfort zone and go somewhere where I can rest my mind with people I love. But since money is the major problem here I think I need to halt my desire to have a trip to overseas countries. Once I have enough money, I will definitely go to these countries. Here are the list of 5 countries I wanted to visit one day.

1. Japan

I love everything about Japan! From the city to the country sides, everything about Japan is beautiful in my eyes. Japan is the most wanted city I need to visit one day and take myself there to learn more about Japanese culture. Japan is not all about the anime, but I fell in love with the unique culture they practiced since the old times. I watched several documentaries from people who had visited Japan and I was like, how I wish I can set my foot here one day. If I have chance to visit Japan, I mostly will visit on April or November because, well, in April it was spring season where the sakura flowers were blooming beautifully that time and in November, aw hell naw, of course for the winter snow!

2. United Kingdom (UK)

UK is my favorite country since forever and the place I wanted to visit the most? Of course London; home of the teas, Harry Potter accent and the Big Ben. Well, London has always on my most wanted place to visit list ever since I was little. I even wrote a story about visiting to London when I was in primary school. I even wish to continue my study here in UK one day. Look how am I obsessed with the country? Jokes aside. I definitely going to set my foot here one day with my family and friends. Who doesn't want to visit London, right? I'm gonna buy all the tea and tea set I saw in Black Butler anime! (LOL ignore this nonsense)

3. South Korea

It's a very typical place that every KPOP fans wanted to visit; South Korea, home of KPOP idols. Okay, please don't laugh at me. I'm just an ordinary KPOP fan who wanted to visit SK and that's that. I had no intention to meet the idols anyway. What I love about SK is the food like OH MY GOD how can food be so tasty looking on tv?! I'm not really a fan of Korean traditional culture (I prefer Japanese more to be honest) but I love the way THEY still keeping the historical features despite how modern looking they are. If I ever set my foot there, I must go to Gyeongbuk-gung! Why? The palace of course, and King Sejong statue, and Hanok folk village and I WANT TO WEAR HANBOK WHEN I GO THERE! The sageuk feeling is tingling me inside!

4. France

I don't know what attracts me to visit France but I just wanted to be here and see the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Bonjour my petite croissant!

5. Turkey

Who doesn't want to visit this beautiful country? Home of the most greatest and powerful Islamic empire in the history. Lots of people that I know have been here told me that Turkey is a really beautiful country. Even though Turkey is not on my wishlist but I really wanted to visit this country, especially to Istanbul, with my family one day.

I actually have lots of countries I wanted to visit in my wish list like Hong Kong, Australia, Italy, etc. I hope someday my dream to visit one of these countries will come true one day. Inshaa Allah. Have you been in any of these countries before? Share your experience on the comment section!

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