Song That I Cannot Move On From

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Does the title sounds weird? It does sounds weird for me haha. A song that I, for surely, cannot move on from, it does sounds weird right? Well, maybe not. We all have that one particular song that when we open our Mp3 player and played it on repeat and never get bored of it even for the thousandth time. I also have that one song that I never get bored of and it always popping in my mind and I found myself singing to the song. Okay I'm not going to play a push and pull things so I going to make this clear. Here is the song that I cannot move on from:

방탄소년단 - I NEED U

It doesn't sounds weird when the song I cannot move on from is a Kpop song. haha okay but there's a reason why this song is that one song that I never get bored of. It just not merely because of the beat or because it was BTS, but it was because this song brought me back to the Kpop fandom. Just to be clear that I knew BTS since their debut but I cannot call myself an ARMY because I'm not a big fan of them before. And I only like their songs because it was catchy. I was an EXO-L before I decided to quit from the fandom prior to SPM. Now, I call myself an ARMY of BTS and it's never too late to join a fandom right? HAHA

The song was released in April 2015, and I discovered this song in late May or June 2015 when I enrolled in university at that time. I'm not even a fan of BTS before, but after I heard this song, I just cannot describe how I feel and the song is really beautiful it brought me to tears. Probably because the lyrics and also the music video is SO FUCKING SAD. This is when I decided to follow BTS on their first part of 화양연화 (HYYH - most beautiful moment in life) until the end of HYYH pt.3. and now we're in WING era and Blood, Sweat and Tears is a cool song but it still cannot beat my love for I NEED U :')

This is the only song that I keep repeating in my music player and I had never skip it once when it comes on shuffle. It's just like, whenever it comes out I feel so nostalgic and I cannot help myself but singing along with the song. Okay... a very typical how a fangirl feels. hahaha.

So what are the song that you cannot move on from? If you have one feel free to drop your words on the comment below! :D

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  1. totally feel you! I was about to stop kpop and was so-so about kpop until I saw Infinite's The Eye......... the fangirl side of me is growing again xD