Tiga Puluh Tiga: A Short Escape

Saturday, November 12, 2016

From left to right: Fatimah, Rai, Me, Ecah, Zarith, Yuni, Nina and Ruha

I finally had my hands on my laptop to write an entry for this week. It have been a very busy and hectic last week that I even got in a bad mood. Okay, I don't want to talk about that again. So today my friends and I made a short escape to bandar Kuala Terengganu. Well, not really a short escape but sometimes I just need to get out from my goddamn room and go somewhere far. We've been planning on to go out since last week and alhamdulillah, we made it this far. It was just a simple craving of KFC and when I asked them "nak keluar tak minggu ni? teringin nak makan KFC." and I got a very positive comebacks. Like, I never thought they going to join as well because money is what we were talking right now. But everyone was like, "Jom lah! Lama tak keluar jalan-jalan." and I was like, "Okay, jom! Sabtu ni kita keluar gi KFC." Originally, 9 people planning to go but only 8 people turned out today. That one friend, Farhana, her mother didn't allow her to join. Takpe, aku faham je. Tapi tu tak menjadi penghalang kitorang nak pergi KFC.

So yesterday we plan to take the 9 a.m bas keranda (a very popular bus in Terengganu. It's free for the citizens and very unique. Google it!) but we thought again that KFC will only have breakfast menu set if we go that early. So after certain negotiation, we come up with a decision to take the 11 a,m bas keranda. Today I woke up very early like, I don't know. Am I too excited or I just can't sleep haha. It still 7 a.m in the morning and it was raining heavily outside. I just wanted to throw myself again on the bed but I realized I had morning duties to do: wash my damn clothes. So after finishing washing those clothes and I turned to the shower. I took a short nap before getting ready for the day. At exactly, 11.30 a.m, the bus arrived. Even thought it supposed to arrive at 11 and we waited like half an hour. (We thought we were late but, kami tunggu dari 10.40 kot?)

After arriving at Mydin Mall KT, we zoomed forward to the KFC quickly. Because we're so hungry that's why. And I was glad that there's no one, literally no one, was inside the restaurant. Sebab tak perlu lah nak beratur panjang kan haha. So we ordered what we want and I ordered the snack plate set that I was craving for the whole week. I was so happy I could die! 


After an hour of talking and eating, we decided to make a little shopping since we were in Mydin and our food stocks has literally tinggal habuk and sabun pun dah habis. I spent 50 ringgit for the groceries and I was like, why so mahal la baojio oh god. Barang sikit kot. /insert mata keatas emoji/ okay enough haha. We still have time until the next bus on 2.30 p.m come and we decided to window shopping a bit on the tudung shop outside while waiting for my other two friends who still inside. 20 minutes later, the two friends didn't come out and suddenly, the bus come. I was like, "Weh, bas yang masuk unisza ke tu?" and my other friend said, "Tak kot. Sebab belum pukul 2.30." and I was still curious as hell and I decided to go to the bus stop because I feel so damn uncomfortable. And before we even reach the bus stop, the bus has drove away, leaving us in question whether it is the bus we should take or it's another bus but look alike. There are so many bas keranda here and only one bus that take the route inside unisza and it's bus no.3. We don't even had the chance to look at the bus number and we were stranded at the bus stop for two fucking hours until the next bus come again at 4.30.

So we did what other people in boredom would done; playing around, taking group selfies, fangirling over BTS...okay this just me, Rai, Fatimah, Ecah and Nina. Zarith, Yuni and Ruha were not on the same boat as us. HAHAHAHA. Okay, kesian kat diorang. Maaf sangat-sangat sebab fangirling depan korang tiga tadi hahaha. Okay enough of that. Later the other went to perform solat Zohor while me and Ecah waited at the bus stop. This one pak cik suddenly approach us and offering to take us to go back with his car, and I was like "Uh, takpe. Kitorang tunggu kawan." and he asked, "Berapa orang?" I replied with "lapan." and he was surprised and still persuading us to go with him. I was so scared that time and I decided to ignore him to make him go away. And he did. He didn't bother us again after that. I don't know if he is a bad guy or not, because he didn't look like one, but you don't have to force us into your kereta sapu business like that. I really don't like it.

After waiting for another 30 minutes, finally the last bus arrived and we come back safely to unisza. Alhamdulillah. This short escape memory will remain forever in my mind because it is the first time I go out with all of my friends and I have never been so happy like today. I'm glad they were my friends in bad and good, thank you Allah.

I finally got to buy a lotion after months of saving money lol I know I'm broke like always but I NEED LOTION

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