Tiga Puluh Lima: Birthday Haul

Friday, December 09, 2016


It's finally the time of the year that I feel like I'm a queen of the day and feel so awesome in my entire life since I was born: my birthday! 09 Dec 1997 marked the date of my birth to the world, I would like to express my gratitude and thank you Allah for giving another chance for me to live in this world. Also to both of my parents, without you I will never be born to as your daughter. I promise I will always be a good daughter to you and will always make you proud. I want to get a better job so that I can take care of you two and reducing the burden in our family. I wish was with my family right now. It's the second time I celebrated my birthday without my family and far away from home. I'll say, I'm quite a strong girl, am I right? I'm finally 19 years old: a bit too late, isn't it? It's the last teen years of mine and I think I should be grateful for turning 19 a bit late than everyone else. At least, I'm still in my teen years next year lol. Hashtag forever young.

So last night, I almost forgot today is my birthday lol only when my roommates wishes me that I finally remember what day it is! It's already pass 12 a.m and I looked at the date. How silly I am to forgot my own special day! And then, as usual people will text me and wish a happy birthday later on. I don't usually get emotional when they wish a happy birthday but I feel so happy and appreciated. It's not like everyday I got those tons of messages. Only on my birthday of course haha. So I received wishes from my family, my school friends, CFC and of course my current uni friends. 

They even did a surprise party for me...ON THE MIDDLE OF THE  NIGHT!

The story begin like this, I was laying on my bed when friend Qilah walked into my room and asking something about our assignment. She said she sent me messages but I was so immersed with reading manga at the moment that I didn't bother to check on Whatsapp. She said she wanted to ask about the assignments that we have to submit before final exam and asked me to company her for a moment because her roommates were out for the moment. I wasn't suspecting something because Qilah frequently come to my room and will ask something like this so I don't have any reason to be suspicious of her. Around 30 minutes later, she asked me to company her to the toilet. Still oblivious, I follow her to the toilet and she suddenly stop in front of the main entrance.

I asked, "Kenapa ni?" and she pointed at the door, "Tengok budak-budak tu tak tido lagi." I look outside and found Ecah, Farhana and Nina were outside and sitting on the staircase. I had no idea why they were outside in the middle of the night so Qilah and I walked out then joined them eventually when Ecah asked me to sit with them. Still no suspicion arises, I sit down and Ecah open her laptop suddenly, revealing a video that featured Timah.

It hit me a little a late tho. I didn't realize it was a birthday message until Timah said, "Happy Birthday Teng!!" and I don't know how to react after that. I can't feel my face that I don't know should I cry or should I laugh? Then after the video ended, it follows with a birthday song and a few of photo slides after that. SUMPAH AKU TAK TAHU NAK REACT MACAMANA DALAM SITUASI TU.

And all of them suddenly singing "Happy Birthday" to me. I feel like I wanted to cry, but I didn't cry that time. All I do was laughing and I was really surprised with all the birthday messages and wishes and all the presents and cards they give me. It was really...really surprising that I cannot describe it in words. Qilah later apologized for lying about going to toilet and about her roommates. She actually done that to trick me. I was like WHAT?? I WAS FOOLED OMG. WHY AM I SO OBLIVIOUS? LOL but still this little birthday surprise really did kill me. I had a great time because of them, and even without my family here to celebrate it with me :')

Kat tangga pun jadi lah kan? hahaha Thank you so much the four of you! and to anyone who had participate in this surprise event too (Hajar and Sarah were not in the picture)

Simple but really valuable. Thank you <3

Did I mentioned that all of my birthday presents are food? LOL FOOD IS BAE OKAY! THANK YOU EVERYONE!

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4 Comment(s)

  1. Happy birthday!
    and your friends are so sweet

    1. thank you akak!:D hehe yes they are. I have never thought they will surprise me this way. I'm really thankful to have them as friends.

  2. Your friends are so cutee and sweettt, teringat kawan2 universiti :( Happy belated birthday Fahtin ! :)

    1. hehe alhamdulillah. syukur sangat dapat kawan-2 mcm diorang ni huhu btw thank you for the wish! :D