Tiga Puluh Enam; One-day Trip Around Terengganu

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


After four months of being away from home and struggling to finish the semester with tons of assignments, case studies, group projects, presentations, quizzes, tests and lastly, final exams - I'm finally home. Like, finally home! I still cannot believe that I'm here with my family and yeah, it feels like a dream. But like always I will always do nothing at home lol just kidding. This year we have a newcomer at home - welcome to the world Mohd Amirul Mukhlish! Yes, I'm becoming an aunt last November and my daily routine at home now is taking care of my baby nephew on daily basis lol. I'm not a kid lover (no, I don't hate kids but I don't really like being around them) but my nephew... I thought it's a bit different? I like being around him. Maybe because he's my sister's son and my own blood related. Okay let's finish this. I actually have lots of things I wanted to talk about and this post is going to be flooded with LOTS OF PICTURES.

Before going back to Sabah, on 5th January 2017, my friends and I made a one-day trip around Kuala Terengganu, one day before we go back home on 6th January. Our last paper finished on 4th and I supposed to go back on 5th but we decided to make a trip on 5th and go back on 6th. Even though we go back later than everyone else, the one-day trip was really FUN! It filled with laughter and excitement plus some confusion when we were lost to find the Pepsi Blue lake at Rusilla. 

Our journey begin on 9 a.m to the Kuala Terengganu Library. Don't ask me why we did a trip to a library. I don't even know myself why and I just goes with the flow when they said they wanted to visit the library. The library was big and so traditional, as expected of Terengganu. We visit almost all the sections inside the library, including the kids section, newspaper, ICT, references, etc.

After we walked around the library for almost an hour, we continue our journey to the next destination - Pepsi Blue Lake! The lake was situated at a very far away land...just kidding. The lake situated at Rusilla, Marang, Kuala Terengganu. 20 minutes from the Kuala Terengganu city and it took 10 minutes to get into Rusilla before you can even see the lake. But oh boy, that moment when we were lost in the middle finding our way to the lake. We had to ask people around to get there and thank God all those people we asked were kind enough to tell us the right directions. It turned out the lake was situated in a place like a construction side and it's actually very dangerous to go there. We had to parked our car on the road below us because in order to get to the lake, we had to walked on our legs to reach there. The land was very sticky and slippery because it was raining heavily at Terengganu but alhamdulillah, the rain didn't come when we were doing this activities. My mom found out that I go there and she scolded me for not telling her earlier. Okay, I do told her I was going out but I didn't say anything about going to the lake because I know she would not let me go. (Sorry mama!) Despite the dangerous route we take just to get here, we finally got to enjoy the beautiful of the blue watered lake Pepsi Blue! Check this out!

Why does it called Pepsi Blue? I don't have any clue why the local people call it Pepsi Blue but so far as I know, the lake has nothing to do with Pepsi Blue that was released like 10 years ago. The lake was formed after an abandoned mine site from long time ago and the blue water is actually very acidic that it could kill when you dip into the water. Pretty scary, right? I actually stood far away from the cliff because I'm afraid of a high place so I distance myself from the actual danger. But really, despite how dangerous it looks, the view was really really pretty! All praise to Allah that I was given the chance to look at His beautiful creation. If anyone of you wanted to visit Terengganu, this place is a must if you a nature lover! But make sure you don't swim in the acidic water!We spent like 30 minutes to enjoy the views (and taking lots of pictures), we continue our journey to our next stop - SEOUL GARDEN! What else should we reward ourselves after coming this far? We're really hungry since we didn't had our breakfast meal and only ate biscuits and mineral water along the way. 

Being a student has a lots of perks - including having a student discount at Seoul Garden! Discount kot siapa tak nak kan? Oh God when I saw all the foods, my stomach begin to crumbling like a hungry lion. Lesson learn: should taken breakfast before going somewhere far away so you don't end up eating up all the food at once. It happened to us to be honest. We were so hungry that my friend Raihana and I didn't have time to Snapchat our foods like we would always do before savoring them. Look how hungry us are? We ate like 2 hours sampai nak muntah oh my god. Lepas tu memang dah full dan perut tak boleh terima apa-apa lagi and we were afraid if we left anything uneaten, the restaurant will charge us for RM5 per 100g. We had no choice, even though we were so full like our belly going to burst anytime, but to eat them all. But I didn't regret it at all because I feel so full for one day! It actually long last until tomorrow morning actually lol.

Our stomach were full and it's time to burn all the calories we consumed before by performing solat Zohor and after that taking a walk around the Terengganu China Town. I always longed to go to this place since the short semester on 2015 but I always didn't get any chance to set my foot on this place when I go out with my housemates. But this time, my wish has finally came true when my friends brought me here. There are not much anything special here except for the creative and 3D street arts but what lured me to see China Town is the culture of Chinese people at Terengganu. I really felt like I was in a 60's movies because of the old building around us. The street arts were all so fascinating and eye catching that we cannot help but to take pictures when we came across one street art while walking along the road. It's really fun even though it was really exhausting.

The long journey supposed to end with visiting Masjid Kristal and going to Terengganu museum but we had to cancelled it because of how late it already is. So we had no choice but to postponed our journey and goes to the beach instead after performing solat Asar. And once again I had to remind myself that I'm not really a beach person and I'm really afraid of the sea water. (I don't even know how did I get this trauma to be really honest) but the beach view made me somewhat calm and at ease - the evening breeze really helped me to feel really calm despite the violent look of the waves when it hits the rock. My friends were all climbing down from the rocks to the bottom to get a better view of the sea but I decided to stay back at top. I know I missed some great things down there, but I don't want to risk myself just for something I dislike. So I just sit on the rock and keep enjoying the view while my friends were having fun down there.

So that is the end of my journey on a one-day trip around Terengganu although we didn't get to most of the places that we had planned on to visit, Masjid Kristal and Terengganu Museum. I hope on the next semester, all my friends can join on our next journey of a one-day trip around Terengganu. Not all of us were joining since most of them have gone back home on 4th January, unfortunately.

Till next time on my next traveling post! Happy holiday to me!

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