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Monday, January 09, 2017

2016 probably both the worst and best year for me. I don't even know how to start this post actually, should I talk about how 2016 being the good or worst year? Nah, let's just skip that. I'm getting tired of 2016 actually that I wanted the year to ended rather quickly. A lot of things had happened in 2016 and I don't want to actually talk about it.

What a way to start a post after disappearing like...a month? It has been almost a month since I last posting up something in this blog. Probably I should make a new year resolution on "more blogging for 2017". But maybe not, because I'm such a lazy ass (I don't even have any idea to update my fanfiction what do you expect?) and lately, I don't even know what to do with all the times I had during this semester holiday. Spending time at home is really boring, but going out to see people is so tiring. I mean, what is wrong with me?! I feel so unmotivated this year, even though it just started. Maybe because I screwed up my Company Law paper on the new year. Ah, I hate to recall that shit again. It makes me wanted to throw myself off the cliff. Okay let's forget about the final exam for now. Let bygone be bygone. I knew I'd try my best on previous semester so I'll be okay.

So, for new year resolutions, I think I might not do that 'new year, new me' kind of stuff. I'm still me and maybe my goals for 2017 will still be the same as 2016 and the previous years before. Probably will add more resolutions to the list or some alteration. I'm not an organized person to be honest. I hate organizing things. Maybe I should change myself to be an organized person and should be more patience in everything I do.

Here's what I (maybe) thought of since the start of 2017 for my new year resolution:
  1. Lose weight. Like seriously, this had been my resolution since 2010. I'm still chubby and didn't lose any weight but gained more lol. I'm in trouble.
  2. Get prettier and be confident. Is this even a resolution? Pff, whatever. I'm starting to buy lots of skincare products and makeups last year and will add more into my collection this year. 
  3. Buy books and read more. I have lots of books I wanted to read but since money is the problem here, I think I should just re-read all the books I have on the shelf.
  4. Understand law and how it works. You know, ever since I studied law, it requires me to think critically and to fully understand the cases of the subject. Sometimes, I don't even understand what am I doing and I am lost half-way during the lecture. I hope I can fix that so I can understand law better before pursuing LLB.
  5. LET ME BE IN THE DEAN LIST! I have never get my grades above 3.6 after the short semester and it so frustrating to maintain the GPA from falling. I manage to get it on above 3.0 but I hope I get a better result next time.
  6. Graduate with flying colors. Because graduation is just in 8 months I'M SO EXCITED.
  7. STOP PROCRASTINATING! I'm not sure if this can be stop... I better fix it.

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4 Comment(s)

  1. I hope you could achieve all of your resolutions and well, bet almost everyone felt the same about 2016.. It's such a painful year, literally by everyone.. Let them be a history and your future is waiting.. ^^

    1. I hope so! 2016 is such a tiring year and I hope 2017 will be a better start :D

  2. LAWS REALLY REQUIRES YOU TO UNDERSTAND WHOLEHEARTEDLY ._. I don't even know how I managed that one subject tsk.

    Happy New Year by the way, May Allah ease everything! Gotta start your year with happy vibe hiks, good luck! XD

    1. I know right? Studying law needs LOTS of readings and understanding to survive. But for the sake of becoming a lawyer I think I might need more patience... /sigh/