Tiga Puluh Tujuh; Hidup Lagi Ke?

Sunday, October 08, 2017


Yoooooo lama gila tak buka blog. Hi everyone! When was the last time I posted something? I think it was...January? Pergh, dah bulan October kot. I'm sorry I don't know what's gotten into me that made me gone hiatus without notice from blogging. I'm getting tired of blogging at one point and I wanted to be away from the social media for a few months. And yeah, I did. Uninstalled both Instagram and Twitter during the final exam and only installing it back last August when I was preparing to go back to university again.

Oh, have I tell you that I'm pursuing my Law degree? I have not, right? Haha. So after having a roundtable discussion with my parents and close friends, whether to pursue Law degree in UniSZA or take another course in UMS, specifically International Relation, I was more to wanted to pursue another course and I wanted to enroll in UMS, but only when I thought about it rationally that I have come to my conclusion: I wanted to study Law again. So that's how I decided to come back to UniSZA law school again after finishing my diploma for 2 years. People asked why did I choose UniSZA again instead of going to another law school like UKM, UM or UIA? First of all, I chose UniSZA because I already love being part of the FUHA law school family in here. Secondly, UniSZA is where I begin everything from scratch, and I already comfortable with everything they provided here including how the lecturers teaching us and all the statutes I bought. Moreover, my closest friends are also enrolling in UniSZA again so why not? I'm not really good at making new friends so... basically that's all the reasons why. Maybe I have more but I just couldn't point it here.

And speaking of the month of October, it's graduation time! Supposedly this is the moment I have been looking forward to since the day I step my foot in this university but since I'm pursuing my degree here, I'm not really that excited lol. But you know, the thrill of graduating and all your hard work has been paid off - it's totally exciting! Too bad I played too much during my diploma days and I didn't get the Anugerah Dekan for 6 semesters haha okay let's aim it for the degree then! At least once, okay?

So I think only that much I wanted to share with you guys. During the months I have been in MIA, nothing interesting happened except for me staying at home after final was finished. Yeah, nothing much. Will be back later!

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5 Comment(s)

  1. Good luck on your studies! Taking Law sounds difficult.

  2. all the bestt.. may you be a good lawyer one fine day <3

  3. may Allah ease everything for you

    1. hi. jmput la join n meriahkan segmen GA kt sini