My name is Nor Fahtin Nadirah, given by my parents in December 1997. Third child from a family of four. From Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. I was given various nicknames since childhood but I prefer to be called Fahtin in general. Law reading since 2015 in University Sultan Zainal Abidin (UniSZA), Terengganu.


I love to read English novels and I currently in amidst collecting my favorite books from my favorite authors: Rainbow Rowell and Jenny Han. I also love writing and the reason why this blog existed, because I just love to write and I dream to become an aspiring writer one day even though I sucks at grammar. But why not? I love English language to the moon and never comes back.

About the blog

This blog was a KPOP based blog and also my online diary during the time I did not hit puberty yet. Because what I post in this blog were nonsense that I had no choice but to restart again. But I still posting nonsense things till these days. Please bear with me. My first URL was fatyne2pmhottest and changed it to bluespringride and later changed it again to kurosakiharu. The current username fahtinmustafa is from my real name, and I almost use it in all my social medias.

More about me:
  • I like the color pastel pink
  • I am tall and chubby. I am a cute person o kay.
  • My parents are strict (does you have to tell this?)
  • I only have one crush in my whole life that I crushed on him for the rest of my school years.
  • I sucks at presentation in front of class
  • I shiver a lot when I am nervous
  • I love Kdrama and Jdrama
  • also British series
  • what else?